Thursday, May 3, 2007

Adam Says: Wawa Makes Me Blush.

Wawa Inc. Debuts New Ad Campaign: "Get to Know Your Wawa"

So I am on my way to work this morning and I hear a commercial so foul that it actually made me blush in my seat. Suddenly this announcer was telling me that I needed to "get to know my Wawa." Now is it just me or does this sound indecent? Seriously I am not sure what the point of this add is, but I know the last time someone told me that I needed to "get to know my wawa;" it was my ninth grade sex ed teacher, and well you can probably guess what she was talking about. I can't believe that Wawa would put such foulness on the public airwaves; I mean this is Howard Stern/Sirius Radio stuff. I for one am going to spend my money at Sheetz from now on.

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