Monday, May 21, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Information To Help You Win At Life

Wow so over the weekend my wife did her graduation thing at Liberty (there were many heart touching moments devoted to the recently deceased Dr. Falwell which you can read about at the Times Dispatch site.) and then Sunday we came home and opened our doors to all our friends and neighbors! And would you believe Jeremy and his wife even came up for all of that?!? All of that to say... sorry we have fallen behind on our posts, but trust us there is more than enough info to fill you up for several days to come... which is a must because we plan to be in and out for the next few days.

Stars Release Maligned Remix Album, but The Original Still Rocks!

As is the case with any good party hot music is a must, so on Sunday I loaded up "Set Yourself On Fire" by Stars. Honestly the stellar track "Your Ex-Lover is Dead" may be my favorite song about dead ex-girlfriends. Pitchfork does not seem to think to highly of this reincarnation, and I might need to agree, but you can check out "Do You Trust Your Friends?"

The Used, Bravery and Jeff Buckley Streaming Free Music.

AOL is streaming the latest albums from the Used and Bravery this week as well as indie rock hero Jeff Buckley (r.i.p.) While The Used and Bravery are offering more of the same (if your into that) Jeff Buckley - "So Real" is a great collection of album tracks, live cuts and B sides that delves further into this amazing artists mind than just "Grace" and Rufus Wainwright's cover of Buckley's Cover of Lenard Cohen's "Hallelujah." Seriously if you want to be the kind of person who listens to the music that influences the bands that you love then check out "So Real" by Jeff Buckley.

MeadWestvaco Putting Up Shop On the River.

The City of Richmond has announced that Meadwestvaco is moving to a location on the river next to the federal building in 2009. The facility will employ 1,000 people. This is not a new operation, but is actually a facility that is moving from Henrico... I love to see the counties suffer!

Dinosaurs Rise From Dead! has a great video from the forth coming Dinosaur Jr. album; "Beyond." Those of you who are 21 or younger please disregard my previous statement.

Adam Reported to Be Communist

While discussing property rights in my business law class last week I had a fellow student suddenly exclaim "Your a communist!" (Note to self: google "communist nations" for possible places to relocate when mob shows up with torches and pitchforks.) Just one of those odd moments I thought I should share.

Bull Sharks Kill, Kill, Kill.

Read this wonderful article this morning about Bull Sharks; turns out they eat people and can live in fresh water... this is not helping my irrational fear of sharks! They have been found as far up the Mississippi as Illinois! Not only can I not swim in the ocean, but now I can't even go swimming in the James!

Maroon 5 Love Juice Boxes

Maroon 5 releases "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" this week, and somewhere a soccer mom just wet herself.

Blonde Red Head, Garbage and WTMI From Lily Allen.

Stereogum has rad new videos from Garbage and Blonde Red Head plus an odd interview with Lily Allen where she crudely and bluntly describes what part of the male anatomy attracts her to a man... seriously get this kid some Ritalin or Zoloft or something, and why am I so transfixed on this woman? Maybe I need to medicate as well.

Ozzy Osborne Still Makes Music?

File that under "Strange but true things done by people so burned out they can't even spell their own names anymore."

ISOTICA Still Amazing!

File that under "Things Adam just won't let go because they continue to produce amazing art like this..."
Go to the site and see more because it is better than anything you could ever imagine you cube dwelling maggots (sorry about that I didn't take my pill today.)

Fraud Squad Taking Down Waste and Abuse with a Funky Flair and Sweet 70's Sound Track.

I have no idea what a Fraud Squad is but I hope it involves Claire Danes. On a side note: Thank you Richmond for giving me more reasons to look up photos of Claire Danes!

Adult Swim Give Music Away to Make Up for Aqua Teen Hunger Force Debacle.

Seriously check out this link to the Adult Swim website; you can download a free compilation album featuring top notch acts like TV on the Radio, The Rapture, The Good the Bad the Queen, Broken Social Scene and more... oh and just as a reminder its free!

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