Monday, May 7, 2007

Adam Says: LOST Showgirl in Richmond.

Three Items in My Morning Wandering That Make Me Giddy.

LOST; 51 Episodes and Counting...

So the folks who make LOST, the worlds most awesome TV program, have inked a deal with ABC to run three more 16 episode seasons, and then draw the curtain on what will undoubtedly be the most mindblowing series in television history! For the next three years ABC will run 16 new episodes of LOST from February to May without interupiton (just as they did with the second half of the season this year.) So LOST will end in 2010 and by my count that leaves us with just 51 episodes to figure out who shot JR.

Showgirls/Saved By the Bell Star Offers Advice to Young Women

Honestly you would think that a story about a failed TV actress/porn star offering advice about self image and other pre-teen issues to girls who are dealing with said issues would be a story in the Onion, but apparently its true... file this under "strange things people do to salvage their careers."

Shakespear is So Cooler than You

The Richmond Shakespaear Festival is back, and the schedule is up! Get exctied. Honestly I think this is one of the coolest cultural events that Richmond offers every year and its toally worth checking out.

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