Thursday, May 3, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid!

So we had this great conversation about fear over the last few days and we wanted to share it with you, and for that matter we want you to share with us... so if you have a point of view feel free to let loose with it.

Adam: Hey so Global Warming is a big deal, right? I mean people are all nuts about it right now, but did you know in the 70's people where worried about global cooling? Could the real problem be that finite man is trying to understand the creation of an infinite God? Or maybe our culture is just addicted to fear... we must be scared of terrorists, hurricanes and criminals and global warming... do they not know that the whole world is the Lords and everything in it? We are under the watchful eye of God the Father and everything that happens; happens because of Him... how can we fear man or the effects of man, but turn a blind eye to the one being that holds the very breath of those men in His hand? How often does the Bible teach us to not be afraid, Jesus said to fear not for he is with us, oh and he said not to worry just like the sparrow doesn’t worry... Paul said that we have not been given a spirit of fear… the angles told us to not be afraid of their celestial presence... I propose a new mantra for Christians... Fear God and nothing else... then maybe we won't get hung up on stupid things like Y2K.

Jeremy: There is a quote from a Caedmon’s Call song that I really love. It says "this world is making me drunk, on the spirits of fear..." then you know it goes on to say that "this world has nothing for me and this world has everything..." but I just love the line of the spirits of fear. It’s like Satan has workers for himself that their whole purpose is just to make people afraid, and unfortunately it’s obvious they are doing a good job.

Adam: You know even as a Christian it is so hard to not be afraid. Sure the big stuff is easy to ignore; so things like Y2K and Global Warming we can just shrug off, but the little every day things I think are more powerful. The fear of failure, or rejection; the fear of losing a job or the fear of losing stuff. I think if people began to look at their lives as they are, vapors that disappear in an instant, then they could start to understand how foolish those fears are. Not that I am innocent... I am afraid of everything it sometimes seems like... most notably I am afraid of sharks, but the point is if we can look to God and see that He is in control and that our fears are burdens to be cast off, and when we cast them off we can have a closer and fuller relationship with our Creator... I mean look at Paul... dude nearly got stoned to death for preaching the gospel in a city, and so what does he do... wipes the dust off rubs some dirt in his wounds and goes right back into the city to preach the gospel... the man understood that his life belonged to God and so he had nothing to fear... and because of that he was closer to God and better able to share the Love of God with others.

Jeremy: Yes. I am guilty of the fear we are talking about. Maybe that's why it seems so evident to me. I was just on my back from visiting a client and I was thinking about the song again. Often we think that we are tempted so often by maybe the spirits of lust or the spirits of greed, or the spirits of hatred. We never even consider that the spirits of fear are running rampant and causing a huge ruckus in the kingdom of heaven. You may have recently heard me say that I am afraid of nothing. Simply because I was thinking of this same issue, and I see how wrong it is to have fear. Unfortunately, though, just saying your not afraid of anything doesn't mean you won’t actually have fear. When push comes to shove, I probably get very worried and fearful about a great many things. I wouldn't mind hearing a few sermons from the pulpit about the devastating effects of fear instead about "don't drink alcohol".

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  1. Thanks for this post guys, what you've said is very relevant, convicting, and true. Our God calls us to live life to the fullest, not in a spirit of fear. Too often we need to be reminded of that. We're friends of Matt and Melissa's here in DE and always enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!
    *jenna & dusty burchnall
    ps. we'd love to put a link to your blog on our blog, hope that's ok!
    let us know if it isn't.