Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Jeremy Says: Let is Rainn

We all know him as Dwight Shrute from Dunder Mifflin, and rumors are going all over the place that Rainn Wilson is leaving The Office to pursue greener pastures.

Hold you billy goats boys and girls, because according to MSN, he will be on for another few breath a sigh of relief with me.
Yes, i know he can be excrutiatingly annoying and you might just want to beat in your TV screen sometimes when his character, Dwight, make some smart butt comment, but you have to admit during the Travelling Saleman episode you were a little scared that he would leave the show forever.
Fortunatly he was back the next week, but since his apearance on SNL a couple weeks ago and his role in the new moive The Last Mimzy, its obviously he is looking beyond primetime TV.

You can kind of tell The Office is not the type of show that can stay funny forever anyway, but lets hope they can hang in there another year or two with Mr. Wilson a part of the cast.

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