Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adam Says: I Am Torn (but not in a mid-90's song kind of way)

I don't know what to do... on the one hand I should rejoice because the team the represents the heartbeat of my beloved Richmond, VCU, has won in an amazing upset! On the other hand the team that I have rooted for sense childhood, and the team that my heart still roots for, Duke, was the foe my fellow Richmonders vanquished. What am I to do, one half rejoices while the other is crestfallen with despair. So here is to the RVA and all her glory; GO RAMS! and here is to my inner child hoping that next year will be a better year for the Blue Devils. On a completely related side note; the game was amazingly exciting and all of you should have watched it, but if you didn't here is a recap. Sorry about the sudden rush of Adam Emotion.

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