Thursday, March 8, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Global Cooling, and idol talk

According to to the National Satellite, Data, and Informational Services, last February, was the 34th coolest February in 113 years, and the coldest since 1979.
This comes at an "inconvenient" time as Al Gore's documentary on global warming just won best documentary at the Oscars last week.

I know this would be more significant if it was actually the "coldest" February in a century, but it definitely doesn't fit nicely into the theory of global warming.

I'm not qualified to really say if global warming is true or not. I've read/seen reports that give research both supporting and denying that global warming is real, but I thought this was ironical.

Interesting fact I heard on NPR today: Over 50% of African American males drop out of high school.... Is that shocking? Does this shed light on some of the problems African Americans face today? Who is to blame for this? What can we do to change it? What's the tipping point?

Apparently there is another scandal (read: publicity stunt) hitting American Idol. Well sort of... it appears that people are surprised that American Idol will let an attractive young woman with talent compete on their program despite the fact that she at some point had racy photographs taken of her as a gift for her boyfriend... while a couple of years ago American Idol would not let an unattractive woman with talent to compete because she had nude pictures of herself on a pornographic website... well thus far I think it may seem like a bit of a double standard but a wise business choice if your business is to get high ratings... however then Rosie O'Donnell decided to open her cavernous mouth; claiming that American Idol was racist because they let the attractive white girl stay but kicked off the unattractive black woman... well I don't see it and I certainly am not going to waste more of your time talking about it(I really just wanted to post my photoshop work up for laughs). Check out this link if you really care that much about this mess.

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  1. The difference is one was paid to take off her clothes. The other had private pictures that someone put out against her will.