Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Fifth Graders, Myspace, American Idol, oh and Space Exploration

Fifth Grade Smarts:

So apparently there is a show on TV right now about being smarter than a fifth grader that everyone (read: roughly one percent of Americas population) is excited about. Neither Berg nor Adam has seen the show, but both feel a little suspect about it... Berg has gone as far as saying that the show may be unfair/rigged... at-any-rate the show has posted an online quiz here. Adam and Jeremy scored a 90% average, but that's only because Adam may have taken the quiz before he got his caffeine. The one positive is that we are told that Jeff Foxworthy hosts this hoosegow, and honestly who can get enough of those hilarious redneck jokes?!!?(Please try to not joke on the sarcasm there, we laid it on pretty thick.)

Just Say No to Myspace:

A group of women (read: high school girls) has started a boycott of Myspace. Their opposition to Myspace stems from concerns about predators using it as a channel to prey of minors; and Myspace's token id verification has proved to fire them up all the more. Adam's take is that this is a great idea, and he bases this on his experience with the semi pornographic advertisements, user profiles, and messages, and also based on his belief that Myspace is leading to the breakdown of the traditional person to person community. Jeremy's take... "Good for them," but honestly he doesn't see the big deal and he really doesn't see Adam's point; honestly if people want to use it for their own purpose what does he care(it should be noticed that Jeremy is a filthy hippy)

Karaoke Superstars:

Jeremy : someone has come up with the bright idea to host a local version of American idol and air it on the ABC affiliate on sat nights at 11:30pm...lovely....

Adam : You think this Karaoke Contest fad has gone to far?

Jeremy : I don’t really like it, but if people think its fun, then I don’t really have a problem with them enjoying it (note to reader: remember Jeremy is a filthy hippie). it does kinda make mockery of good music, but that has been happening for many years, so I’m kinda use to that by now.

Titan-ic Spending:

NASA has a satellite orbiting Saturn getting information about its planet like moon that in the words of Jeremy "has all kinds of nitrogen and stuff." Apparently this moon was discovered by Christiana Huygens in 1655. Funny, huh? This raises the question from both Adam and Jeremy if the cost of the space program is worth the knowledge we gain from it or as Jeremy summarized "Knowledge is expensive... really expensive in the case of NASA." However Adam is certain NASA has either found aliens or is preparing to takeover titan... either way that would explain the $16.3 billion dollars NASA will spend this year (money that could be spent researching how to use the earths core as an everlasting energy source. We would never need oil again! (Not only is Jeremy a filthy hippie but he is also a talk radio fan.))

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