Sunday, March 11, 2007

Adam Says: This American Life

Every Sunday morning as my wife and I are preparing for corporate worship at our church we listen to our favorite radio program on NPR. Now I know it may sound silly to say that we have a favorite RADIO PROGRAM in this age of television, internet, movies, and television-internet-movie-phones, but that's is the only way to describe our feelings about the program "This American Life." The show is produced in Chicago and hosted by Ira Glass(whom I have no idea what he looks like, but I assume he youngish of average height, slim with dark hair and thick dark glasses, and probably a constant five o'clock shadow.) What really excites us about the program is the amazing storytelling that happens on it every week; I mean the program is just a collection of stories from every day american life, told by those involved and narrated by Ira so there has to be storytelling, but it doesn't have to be this good. Now on March 22nd "This American Life" will be coming to Showtime as a television show, and admittedly I am worried. I don't have TV so I won't be watching it, but I am a little scared that the amazing images I have from the great stories I hear on the program will be ruined by actual visuals, and whenever change occurs there is always the fear that in some way what was once great will become less of itself. At any rate we love the program and listen to it every week, and we think you should check it out... this post is littered with links to the website, but if that is not enough here it is one more time Log on check out the free podcast of the show, watch the trailer for TV program and decide for yourself.

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