Saturday, March 24, 2007

Adam Says: A Quick Fix for the Weekend and Then Some

As you should know by now I am a fan of "This American Life" its a public radio program... you can find out more at their site, but the important news is that "This American Life" is now also a TV program of show time, and as this involves change many fans of the program were nervous about the show. Well since it came on TV I figured I would not have chance to see it, but it turns out the first episode is available online for free... so click the link and check out the program. Personally I think the tv program was good but the radio show is way better, but thats just me... check it out for yourself and decide.

The Kings of Leon new album, "Because of the Times," lands April 3. It got panned in this month's issue of Spin magazine, but then again this the same magazine that drools over Justin Timberlake so take it for what its worth.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At the Worlds End is in theaters May 25th. The trailer is online NOW! Get stoked!

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