Thursday, March 29, 2007

Adam Says: I Wander

I am certain that I was born to be a wandering man... I love to get lost and roam around different places... ask my wife and you will know that there is no point trying to get me to go one way because I am headed where the wind takes me... I mean I have never been able to stay in a job for more than a year, I have a very active imagination and I have yet to lose my wonder of the world around me. Fortunately the Internet has made it possible for me to wander thousands of miles without ever leaving my seat, and while this is no substitute for finding abandoned buildings in the woods it does provide me the opportunity to find some pretty interesting things. For instance, in the last day I have learned all about Friedrich Nietzsche, found some very exciting information about the Beastie Boys new album and tour, read portions of David Strauss' "Life of Jesus," unearthed a free online copy of "Leaves of Grass" by Walt Whitman, and read an over view of the philosophy connection on my favorite show Lost. I really love Lost. Seriously my wife and I have one TV that she got when she was in middle school and we only dust it off once a week so we can watch Lost on Wednesday nights at 10PM....I never wander Wednesday nights at 10PM.

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