Thursday, March 15, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Manufacturing Dissent

Adam: So let me tell you a story; this couple sets out to make a documentary about Michael Moore, they want it to be a great bio piece about his amazing talents, but then they start getting mistreated by him and his people just like Moore has been treated in his own films... and then they find out that some of his tactics are pretty scummy and even out right lies... and so they decide to make the film about all of Michael Moore's bad attributes... what an ironic turn of events... The Film is called "Manufacturing Dissent." read more about it here.

Jeremy: I’m not surprised that Moore would come across as a jerk, but I don’t really see anything wrong with him not wanting to do an interview with them. he probably didn’t expect people to just open up to him when he does his movies, and he kinda makes it obvious he has just one agenda and I don’t really think its promoting himself. He has his ideas and beliefs and that’s what he wants to focus on.

Adam: I just think it’s ironic that the things he lampooned others for he is now getting gigged for himself.

Jeremy: oh yes, and that is kinda funny. I actually saw those people who were doing that documentary being interviewed on CNN yesterday, but I changed the channel.

Adam: So what you are saying is that we really don't care... don't care about Michael Moore and don't care about the people who are lampooning Moore?

Jeremy: yeah, I guess so. I mean, whenever I see Mr. Moore talking he ticks me off, but I don’t ever really see him talking. It’s like he’s a recluse or something.

Adam: He only comes out when there is a full moon... or an all you can eat buffet!

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