Monday, July 23, 2007

Adam Says: You Have 48 Hours To Clean Up This Mess While I Am At The Film Festival

Oh man the office is a mess! It's moving day here so forgive my curt ramblings...

Tomorrow night the 48 Hour film festival will be screening entered films in Asheville (NC) at the storied Brew N View... so if you are in the area... And for those of you in the RVA there is still time to enter the Richmond 48 Hour Film Festival for this weekend! Quick review... 48 Hour Film Festival is a travelling festival that gives film makers 48 Hours to make a film and then it screens it for the public. The Richmond screening will be held at the historic Byrd Theater in Carytown on Saturday August 4th. It sounds wicked fun so even if you are not making a film you should get out and catch the screenings.

Finally I am going to try and make it up to Planet Zero to see all this Richmond Downtown Planning Hype in person tonight... I hope I am pleased... either way expect me to throw my two cents in soon, with aimless insight from Jerms as well.

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