Monday, July 16, 2007

Adam Says: Nickle Creek and Fiona Apple In Richmond

Many reading this rubbish right now are no doubt big fans of Fiona Apple, and many of you are no doubt are not fans of Nickel Creek. For whatever reason the latter has not attained the same hipster love that Ms. Apple has, and thus Fiona opening for Nickel Creek when the come to Richmond on August 3rd may be a suprise. Well hold it in kiddies and act cool because even though Fiona Apple is a very talented singer-song-writer-pianits she will be at least the fourth best musician on stage if not even further back. This is in no way a strike against Ms. Apple but a credit to the terrific trio that is Nickel Creek, and thus my quandry begins. I do enjoy both acts thuroughly and would love to see them, but every hipster and their mom will now be crawling all over Innsbrook to see her, not to mention the glut of obnoxious beer swilling pseudo-cultural rednecks that will show up to any live event in Richmond if it serves the nector of the gods... Can I put up with that? Can I handle being called a music lemming? To see such tallent on one stage you bet I can!

1 comment:

  1. Nickel Creek is great. Fiona Apple can sing very well too. I agree with your assessment, however, on how Nickel Creek should be the real draw here.

    Hope to meet you at the show. It will be my birthday, after all.