Friday, July 27, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Texas Church Believes Jesus Would Help Communist

We are super stoked to see this article on Relevant's site today! The story in the Dallas Morning News features North Wood Church in Keller Texas; the church has been sending mission teams to Communist Vietnam for the last decade, which is amazing because Vietnam is closed to missionaries, but they have opened their doors to North Wood because they are willing to come in and build water filtration plants, orphanages and other humanitarian projects because the Church is willing to work there without preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in word... no words just actions.
We think this is a great example for Christians across the nation... honestly if someone ask you "What Would Jesus Do?" you can now say that he would go feed communist children in Asia and have phiscal proof to back it up. Jeremy and I are really encouraged when hearing stories like this and we hope that you are encouraged as well. It is great that stories like this are getting out there.

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  1. Exactly...Christ told us to tell others about him, BUT the most effective ways is through our actions, not by just preaching the word.