Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Music From the Good and Music From the Grave.

This has to be the strangest week for music that I have been a part of in a while...

Tegan and Sara release The Con today... which you should be really excited about, and if you are you can log on here tonight to catch them play tracks from The Con live at the Amoeba!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs drop their "recorded on the fly" EP Is Is today... if you are a fan of "Gold Lion" then you will love this handful of rough tracks... and as always Karen-O and company manage to make everything entertaining... even their press releases... check it out and be amused.

Odd ball rapper MF Doom releases MM...Food today. This is the same guy who wrote raps about the characters from the Cartoon Network... so you know the masked one is a little off cue.

Several people are literally having cows (note Simpsons reference) over the new John Vanderslice album Emerald City... the singer songwriter thing seems a little over done but hey if its your thing then check out this live video on Stereogum.

AOL is streaming the new releases from Sum 41, Prince, and the Simpsons movie soundtrack... Sum 41 is trying their hands at the Greenday thing while Prince is being Prince... and well the Simpsons soundtrack is just a soundtrack... more importantly AOL is also streaming Is Is from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs... Oddly enough however AOL is also streaming the latest from, I am not making this up, Hanson, Billy Bob Thorton, and Billy Ray Cyrus... Now tell me that is not the oddest bunch of music rejects you have ever heard of... and they are all releasing new albums this week!

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