Monday, July 16, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: "Mahony apologizes for clergy abuse", but is that enough?

After a Sunday evening dragging through Will Smith's absolutely horrible Pursuit of Happyness I was stoked, to say the least, to hear this morning of Cardinal Roger Mahony's apology to 500 or so victims of clergy abuse in Los Angeles diocese, and the monetary settlement the church has come to with those victims. (read more from the LA Daily News story)
For many years now Jeremy and I have been outspoken critics of the Catholic Church and it's handling of, what can only be termed, the clergy abuse epidemic. I don't think I would have been so bold as too call for the banishment of the Catholic Church had the Catholic Leadership not been so sinister in trying to cover up these abuses, but once it came to light that the church had been covering these abuses up for years; I could think of no other course of action.
So I proclaimed "Ban the Catholic Church," obviously that is not going to happen but I felt something had to be done... and I think Cardinal Mahoney's apology is a huge first step, but can it can't change the past and it can't heal those who are broken... I just pray that those who have been abused by these evil men will be given peace that passes all understanding, because nothing in this world can do that for them.

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