Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: MxPx - Secret Weapon - In Stores TODAY!

MxPx - Secret Weapon - In stores today! Adam and Jeremy are offically stoked about this release and you should be as well! MxPx have been doing great punk rock for over a decade, and Secret Weapon is another fine example of their work!
Not so sure about some random band that Adam and Jeremy are touting?!? Well click over to AOL and hear MxPx's Secret Weapon from start to finish, streaming free just for you (okay that's a lame marketing slogan, but it is a free stream)!
Once you have heard the greatness you will no doubt want to run out on the spot and pick it up... well Richmond's very own Circuit City has the best deal in town $9.99, and for you fan rats who can't leave the city limits get on your scooters and hit up Plan 9 they have it on sale as well (just not quite as cheap.)
While your here check out the title track for the album, Secret Weapon...

Oh and just to remind you...


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