Thursday, July 12, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: St. Vincent is on a Crusade in the name of Sufjan

Sufjan Stevens is taking over the world! Let me explain; as of late Sufjan disciples (those whom have played with or been backed by the Soof) have been popping up everywhere... My Brightest Diamond, the National, Half Handed Cloud, Danielson Famile... I guess it is all part of the Friend Rock thing, but it is starting to worry me. It seems that all the musical talent in the world is being drawn to Mr. Stevens, and the music they are producing is some of the most beautiful and challenging stuff this side of Beethoven... the Latest Sufjan Disciple is St. Vincent (the code name for the lovely Annie Clark). Her music is just about amazing and oh yeah she can throw down on the six string... don't freak out it will be okay you can catch tonight at the Grey Eagle in Asheville NC and Saturday up in DC... for all the details and for more information about her new album "Marry Me" check out her website, and if that's not enough for you check out this live video of her killer track "Paris is Burning."


  1. Actually, Sufjan used to back-up the Danielson Famile. In a way, the gave a lot of assistance to Sufjan early on.

  2. Actually sufjan stole most of his "act" from Danielson, the wearing costumes on stage, and his sound was originally crafted by an album produced by Brother Danielson. DEATH TO SUFJAN!

  3. woah woah. Sufjan is still amazing.