Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Danielson In Movie Adaptation Of Life

Here is the short version:

Back in high school and college I knew about the Danielson Familie, but I was never really into their scene so I never really knew much about them... all that has now changed. After hearing several stellar reviews and having several people tell me how Sufjan Stevens owes his creative life to the Daniel Smith; I decided I should check out Danielson: a Familie Movie.
For those of you new to this deal Daniel Smith was a Rutgers senior who created an art project that included he and his brothers and sisters playing music. This grew from project to band (Danielson) and then some... you can get a primer about the whole affair on the Wiki.
At any rate I loved the movie! I loved getting to see a truly original artist take such a great adventure. By the end of the movie I had this feeling like this was what it must feel like to be the Melvins... here is Daniel Smith who has this amazingly grand vision of music and art coming together to glorify God, and some people get it but not everyone, and then his story intertwines with Sufjan Stevens who eventually takes the ideas that Daniel Smith is using in his performance and puts them into his own act as he spring board from Danielson into his own successful solo career; effectively becoming... Nirvana.
"Did I Step On Your Trumpet" - Danielson
It was really cool to see all of this happening in real time. the Danielson Familie are like the Neil Young of Friend Rock... At any rate the movie is awesome and all should go see it... the music is also good so you should check that out as well... seriously go check out Daniel Smith's label Sounds Familyer or Sufjans label Asthmatic Kitty and amaze yourself by the sheer number of bands on said labels that you only know about because you read a review on Pitchfork or some other obnoxious indie blog.

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