Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: New Spoken Track Hits Hard... Less Melody.

Short story: Way back in like 2000 Adam and Jeremy were working for top 40 Christian station in Lynchburg... Alas Adam and Jeremy did not fit into the "station environment." So Adam and Jeremy were given a late night weekend gig spinning the hardest music they could put their hands on... at the time that involved a lot of rap-rock, we are not proud of this, but one of the bands we got our hands on was Spoken, this little band from Arkansas that really rocked. well, our boys have come a long way since then (changing singers will make even seven years seem really long), and although they still seem to writing trendy music, Spoken still rocks so hard that you want to dance.
September 25th Spoken will release their self titled disc... Spoken (duh.) From what we have heard this latest album should be pretty rad... It is harder than their first few outings, much like the one off "Bitter Taste" from their last album... you can check out their purevolume page to here the first single "History Erased." I am sure they have a myspace page as well but that site is blocked in my office... so here are videos to help you get a taste for them...

Are they trying to give us an epileptic fit?

Yes we realize this video looks like a bad after school special, but the music is what matters... if you are into it you can also check out the Spoken website... http://www.spokenmusic.com/main.php

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