Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Adam Says: So I have a theory about Photographs...

So last weekend Adam and Jeremy alum and friend K-dog went and got married... something about wanting to lose his virginity before he loses his hair... that's a rough interpretation but you get the gist of it. As is custom K-Dog's male friends decided that he should celebrate his singleness one more time before he says the big I DO... of course since K-Dog's friends are all Liberty Grads and Pastor's that meant doing something really crazy... like eating bar food, playing pool, and GASP drinking one or two beers (literally one or two beers... that's not some sort of coy turn of phrase... by the end of the night our waitress was so sick of refilling Diet Cokes that she may have tried to poison one of us.) I mean since both K-Dog and I are Liberty Alum we figured Jerry Falwell may not let us into heaven if we broke more than one rule from the Liberty Way. All of that to say that I took pictures... and some of them came out really good, but in the process I learned that no one takes a good picture when you use the pop up flash on your Nikon from less than three feet away... it's just not possible... let me illustrate...

Here is the Big Man himself caught in the act... oh it gets better...

Here is Pastor Jason after like three root beers... and people trust this man with their children's eternal souls... scoff!

K-Dog has an older brother, but for this picture we found this old lady on the side of the street fed her some raw lemons and let her stand in for said brother... what on earth... I will say this is my favorite bad photo of all time..

And then this happened... totally throwing off my theory... except for the fact that of these four photos this is the only person who actually consumed alcohol... all the others were completely sober... Dub was sober too... but that beer he is the only thing that differentiates this man's photo from the rest of the group... (I admit its not a great photo but in comparison...)

So there you have it... no pop up flashes... always shoot from distance greater than three feet... and make sure you subject has had one or two to loosen them up... if you want to see photos I have taken that are not bad check out my photo blog... well at least I think they are not bad.

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