Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say:Forget abou' it.

Jeremy: Have you questioned why our congress is spending time/money worrying about baseball players and steroids instead of the other zillion issues the country is dealing with?

Adam: It is the stupidest waste of money I can come up with... yesterday here in Richmond they announced that the R-Braves will be leaving at the end of the season... and I was like "great!" people don't go to the games so why would I care if the team was here or not... Nationally I just feel like Baseball is becoming soccer. More and more foreign players are coming in and playing... the season is super long... the games take forever and the scores are too low... except, unlike soccer, people don't care about the teams. Unless you live in a baseball city I don't think any of this steroid era mess in congress makes any sense to you.

Jeremy: Why aren't people starting to protest this? i mean at first i was annoyed just hearing about it on sportscenter, and now for our federal government to be using all these resources on the issue is just tickin' me off! who do i write a letter to asking them to forget about the whole thing and if MLB wants to do something about it, then to let them handle it. They are after all a private organization. I've never been a big fan of the game itself(i don't care if it is a supposed "national pastime"). its a dumb sport, and it needs to be demoted socially. and for our gosh darn government to be all worried about it, just takes the cake. It wouldn't even matter if this was football or Basketball we were talking about. The fed do not need to be involved! Seriously we need to protest this, so they can see that people really don't care about baseball like they used to, and that this whole thing is a big waste of time. I haven't heard one person(besides people in the media) complain about steroids in baseball, and when I try to bring it up around the office, no one cares. It's all a big show, and we need to just quit worrying about the dumb thing and worry about things that actually matter.

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