Thursday, January 24, 2008

Adam and Jeremy say: Stick it to the Media

So I was watching a repeat of The Daily Show yesterday, and there was a fairly entertaining conversation between host, Jon Stewart, and a guest reporter from Newsweek Magazine(I forgot his name, but i think i like him).

Anyway, they were discussing the behaviors of the Media and whether or not the Media is simply reporting what happens during the elections, or are they going beyond that by focusing on controversial stories and thus affecting the way each candidate approaches their campaign. The guest went on to say that you wont have a news editor in the country that wont ask a writer/reporter "where's the conflict?" when reporting a story. Apparently all news stories are worthless unless there is some kind of conflict involved. It's not really surprising to know that the news people(I got tired of using the word "Media") will propagandize a story just to get people to watch, read, or listen. But I did find it interesting that two persons(Stewart and his guest) who actually do these things were talking about how it happens.

All to say, we all know that the media reports not just to deliver the news, but also to entertain and make money.

So don't get caught up in all the one-sided drama that the news is telling you. it's usually for the good of the people telling you, not you.

So, I did a little researching to help inform you the reader and I found the clip I was referring to.

See Below:(if you can't see the video, go here)

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