Monday, January 14, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Women Shouldn't Vote Or Should They (warning: article contains humor and may offend humorless people)

Adam - I have decided that women should not have the right to vote.

Jeremy - That's crazy! What's your reasoning?

Adam - In past presidential elections the media reported that there was a significant portion of women voters who voted for the candidate they found more attractive... soccer mom types no doubt... then yesterday I was listening to NPR and they had these three women on who voted for Hillary in NH because she was a woman... I feel if women are going to vote for candidates based on such ancillary issues that they really should not have the right to vote... obviously I am over stating my case here... not all women are crazy like this and so making a broad ban on all women voters would be too much, but I really think this strikes a significant blow to the credibility of any candidate that wins an election like it was a beauty contest.

Jeremy - Hmm....did the media give what percentage this "significant portion" of women it actually was?

How about this; as men, are we going to not vote for Hillary just because she is a woman?

Adam - Well if by "we are not going to vote for Hillary just because she is a woman." You mean that we are not going to vote for Hillary because she is a cry baby socialist scum bag then yes I guess I could see your point.

Jeremy - So, I'm just saying, that men also might have some bias for not voting for a female candidate just because she is female. if we can prove that all men vote with such pure reasons, then we might have a case. I'm guessing that there are probably just as many men that agree with Hillary, but won't vote for her because she is a woman, as women who will vote for her just because she is a woman.

As far as the attractive thing, its a fact of life. Some people will get votes just because they look better. Where did I hear it said that Lincoln would never have won an election during the years of television? Nevermind where I heard it, but apparently, if people knew what he really looked like being tall, lanky, and ugly, he never would have been voted president.

Adam - Honestly I see your very rational point... but the very irrational part of me still thinks that something is out of whack here.

Jeremy - Well yeah, people are out of whack. Men and women. Sure women can be a little more whack than men, but....we still have to let them vote.

Adam - But cant you just see Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry sitting around a pub in Philly saying:

PH - "Well I know all men are equal, but where does that leave women?"

TJ - "Women? Women are crazy... we should never let them be equal to men."

PH - "Don't you think that may be bias?"

TJ - "Last night my wife backs the wagon right into the side of the garage... do you think I am going to let a woman who can't even park a wagon have any say in running this country?... shoot they shouldn't even vote."

PH - "Yeah could you imagine who they would elect to run this country?"

TJ - "I am guessing it would be a toss up between that pretty boy George Washington or that douche bag James Madison."

PH - "Madison is a total jerk but he dresses so stylishly..."

TJ - "Yeah and I hear Washington is really good in the sack."

PH - "No shit."

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