Thursday, November 8, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say:We can't get enough D Webb

So all of you know that Derek Webb played a show this past Tues here in Asheville at the Grey Eagle. Well, it was nothing short of a really awesome(flash back to the 90s) time.

His wife Sandra McCracken opened the stage, and beyond her spectacular musical talent and good looks, her stage presence and cute personality set the mood for a great show. Derek also played amazing and his set was everything to be expected.

Beyond all that he announced some pretty interesting news from the stage in that a song off his new record The Ringing Bell will be featured on Grey's Anatomy tonight.

He mentioned ironically that the song '"Name" will probably play right after someone is having sex, during someone having sex, or immediately after someone having sex".

Never the less, he played it down that he although he will never actually have a "hit", this will be as close as it gets.

I've never been a huge fan of Grey's, but since 50% of my household can't miss an episode, I inevitably end up watching it, and I have always enjoyed the soundtrack. Now I will enjoy it even more.

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