Friday, November 2, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: This List Should Get You Caught Up

The Richmond branch has been wasting way too much time with work and has not been spending enough time roaming the World Wide Web looking for nuggets to give you kiddies... we are sorry and plan to make it up to you with this numbered list of things you should care about.

1. The Office = Funny.

2. Doggy Birthday parties may sound like F-U-N, but a large group of adults standing around and watching a twelve pound dog eat a peanut butter cake is probably the scariest commentary I could ever make on our culture.

3. I bought the new Dashboard Confessional album (The Shade of Poison Trees)... you should as well.

4. I know Halloween has passed but this Christopher Walken mask is still the coolest thing ever.

5. The first "Best Albums of 2007" list has been made, and we do not approve.

6. Cake is coming to Richmond December 9... you may have to pawn your Wii to pay for the $30 tickets, but it will be sooo worth it... trust us.

7. I am stoked about the new Batman movie and this website is one of two reasons why (the other is Christian Bale of course.)

8. These are the best Christian albums ever? We think not... in fact that is really just obnoxious.

9. Turn the clocks back this weekend... just a friendly public service announcement.

10. Medieval Total War is like crack, but with out the paranoia and loss of appetite.

That should fix you up for now... later I may post about Children's Health Care or the Hypocrisy of Radical Right Wing Radio Host...

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