Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Life; Yeah It's Real

I have come across a new emotion... Home Owner Melancholy. What is this emotion you ask? It is the blah attitude created from the inane repetition of home chores combined with the actual financial burden of home ownership. I am not just talking about the mortgage payment... I am talking about insurance, furniture, paint, lawn care, trash cans, Internet access, and the rest. It ain't cheap... in fact when I think about it... its crazy! Sure they tell me its a great investment, but guess what when your life is over that investment isn't worth a thing to you... so I am sure that my current state of melancholy is deeper seeded than just the pressing needs of my house, but for now that is what I am blaming it on... and for now my advice... Don't ever buy a house... don't even rent... just sleep on your friends couches until your forty, and then figure it out from there.


  1. I enjoy renting. Right now the thing that keeps the screen door from slamming shut is broken. All I have to do is call my landlord and he'll come and fix it. It's great.

    I wonder if I'll ever want to own a house. Everyone says I will once I married with kids...we'll see.

  2. When we first bought our house (2.5 years ago), we were so excited that it was on a corner lot with a good amount of land...How silly of us to be excited about that. Since we are not big outdoors people, keeping up with the yard maintenance is a nuisance! There are many times we say, "We should have bought a townhouse." But we didn't and I am told that as our kids get older, we will be thankful for the roomy backyard...until then, we just look at our yard through half shut eyes and say, "It looks good, we don't need to do yard work today. let's go play a game and see a movie."