Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Less Than Epic Thoughts About A Seemingly Epic Event... 9-11 Remembered

Adam: Hey I thought it would be cool to talk about nine eleven today in our own way... what were you doing that day?

Jeremy: one thing I was thinking about on the way to work this morning... a couple of declining trends that seem to be following each other:support for the war in Iraq and attendance to 9-11 memorial services.

Adam: I was thinking about something similar.

On Tuesday September 11th 2001 I woke up and heard the news... saw the towers come down... called my folks... and then went to the prayer service at the Vines center... after that I went with Teddy X Walls to Best Buy to purchase the new P.O.D. album, Satellite, that released that day. Looking back it was kind of a strange thing to do, but really I don't think I knew what else to do... but now it seems so appropriate that I did it, and more so I feel like there is this correlation between 9-11 and that album. I feel like Satellite was the best album POD made (I realize that is a relative accolade) and when I bought it I listened to it a lot... I really liked it I listened to it for weeks and weeks... and then as time went on I listened to it less frequently... and the even less frequently... I now I listen to it maybe once or twice a year, and I think that is exactly the way I and most people feel about 9-11; When it first happened people were freaking out, going to prayer services, starting wars, locking themselves in their homes, and for weeks and months and even a year afterward people were consumed with it, 9-11 was on the news and in our conversations, but as time wore on people worried about it less, and now we only really talk about it once a year on the anniversary.

Jeremy: I was in BUSI 102 at the time. Convenient because someone was on surfing on the Internet and words started spreading around the classroom. by the time class was out I started on my way to my next class, and ran into "Big Samoan Joe". He is from DC, so I told him to give his dad a call and just make sure everything was OK. He asked why, and I mentioned a plane may have crashed in the DC area, but I didn't really know much about it, and to just call his dad to be sure everything was cool. after that, I went to theology 101 with Dr Townes. I curious as to whether he would cancel class or not. he made an formal announcement about the tragedy and I remember him saying "this is going to have a huge affect on our country for the upcoming years....". I didn't really know whether to believe him, but I trust his opinion, so I didn't discredit his statement, but up until that point, I was comparing this to another Oklahoma city bombing. after that class, I went back to my dorm room, and proceeded to watch on TV the events unfold for the next few hours(the towers falling, and reports of the plane in PA). it was surreal. you probably remember at the time that I was anti-war everything and thought that the military was evil and that no christian should ever choose to be a part of the military less they have to kill anyone. that day completely reversed my belief in war. I'm probably just as numb to 9-11 as anyone else is these days, and I don't feel like that is a good thing. I'm still frustrated with terrorism, and I'm frustrated that we cant be unified as a country like we were those months after the attacks. I feel like we are turning into a modern day Rome, where internal corruption and disarray will be our downfall.

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