Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Adam and Jeremy: CBS/Nirvan Try to Kill Rock so Adam and Jeremy Decide to Name Drop

The most ironic aspect of the death of Rock n Roll is that is seems to happen every ten years or so... When Buddy Holly dies in a plane crash, when the Beatles break up, when Lynard Skynard's plane goes down, when a drummer chokes on his own vomit, when Kurt Cobain commits suicide, or when Limp Bizkit recorded Nookie. Obviously Rock N Roll has yet to die, no matter how hard the boys from Nickelback and Hinder try, and so this latest death blow will undoubtedly not turn out as bad as it seems right now, but when Adam and Jeremy heard that the season premiere of Cold Case will feature 8 Nirvana songs, including Lithium and Heart Shaped Box, Our hearts sank and we threw up a little in our mouths. For generations licencing ones songs for commercial use has been the final signal that a band has completely sold out, and to see Nirvana doing it is even worse because they represented Rock N Roll for a whole generation... I know you purest will start yapping about the Buzz Cocks and Sonic Youth but lets be honest when people talk about grunge and alternative music they are talking about Nirvana (maybe Pearl Jam... but probably not.)

You can read the whole press release here on the futon critic website, but we can sum it up for you... CBS is excited about playing the 8 Nirvana songs during the season premiere of Cold Case (I know I don't actually watch TV, but did anyone else know this stupid show is going into its fourth season?) I need to take a shower to wash off all this disgusting capitalist corporate greed after reading that. Oh and yes I blame Courtney Love for this.

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