Saturday, June 9, 2007

Adam Says: Stale Fashion Works Out

I came to a realization today! You can tell when a sensible person has given up on the outrageous cost of "fashion" by what they work out in. In fact you can even tell when they stopped caring about labels and trends by what they wear to work out in. See I frequently work out in an old Polo Jeans Company T-Shirt that looks like this:Because once I go out of high school paying thirty or forty dollars to walk around as a human billboard for some lame company that enslaves children for labor in central Asia seemed like a bad idea, and this is the way it works for most people. So when you are at the gym and you see someone wearing a FUBU shirt you know automatically that about ten years ago they gave up on over priced fashion and now that fashion has been downgraded to their workout clothing....

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