Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Adam Says: Kick Me!

Man what a great Birthday I had! Not only did I get to eat a fabulous dinner with my beautiful wife at Carytown Burgers and Fries, but I also got to see the Richmond Kickers take on DC United from the MLS (Thanks to the Weekly Rant for hooking me up with the tickets.) So it was a little hot, and UR stadium is a little old, but the game was great, and on to top it off the Kickers won! I have no idea why people are not going out to see this teem; I mean they are a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM, but I digress. Get out to UR Stadium and watch so quality soccer action!

For those of you not paying attention; What did we learn from this post?

The Richmond Kickers also AMAZING!

The Weekly Rant has the hook up.
Ah Sweet! Speaking of Richmond... This is the Raddest story you will ever read about Richmond Street Names I Garuntee!

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