Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: Free Music and Music Videos

Oh and then there was the music...

Check out this Matches video for "Salty Eyes" that I found on Spin.com... extra bonus points if you can spot the famous video they are riffing without visiting Spin's page (hint the name rhyems with rob willin')

Wanna here new Kelly Clarkson? No?... Well how about a live album from Pearl Jam? A little over done?... we agree... what about the latest album from The Editors? You have no clue who the are?... thats okay we know you will want to hear the new Beastie Boys ablum! Yeah log on to the AOL streaming site to hear all these albums in their full glory and more!

Oh and if that was not enough Much Music is streaming Ryan Adams new album, Easy Tiger, on their website! Good Grief this is too much way too much!

Regina Spektor has a new album in the works titled Keep It Like a Secret, and she gabs all about it on MTV's website... if your looking for something to do.

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