Thursday, June 21, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say: The Offical 100 Greatest Movies of All Time 100-75.

So we sat down to create our list of the 100 greatest films of all time, but that quickly got boring so we threw all the names of movies we like in a spread sheet and then started ranking them. The end result may not be scientific, but it certainly is authoritative. We'll be doing a series of posts starting with the first 25, and the final post will be a bit special so stay tuned. So here it is:

Adam and Jeremy's 100 Greatest Movies of All Time !!!
Movies 100-75
100. Paradise Now
99. Collateral
98. Robin Hood Men in Tights
97. Sleepless in Seattle
96. Primal Fear
95. Sixth Sense
93. The Rock
92. Scarface
91. Ghostbusters
90. Underworld
89. Encino Man
88. Bourne Identity
87. Old School
86. Aliens
85. Crash
84. James Bond – Casino Royale
83. School Ties
82. Seven Years in Tibet

81. Batman
80. The Last Samurai
79. Scream
78. Hotel Rawanda
77. Billy Madison
76. Austin Powers
75. Walk the Line

A few movies that were just barley out of the top 100. Rudy, Monty Python and the Search for the Holy Grail, Orange County, Man of Fire, Twelve Monkeys, The Constant Gardner, Blade, Xmen II, Home Alone,When Harry Met Sally

And a few movies we ranked even though we apparently hate them. Shanghi Noon, Motorcycle Diaries, Hoosiers, Joe Dirt, Syriana, The Bourne Supremacy.

Some quick observations to help you understand this list of lists... Adam and Jeremy are Males in their Mid-Twenties ergo the heavy emphasis on Action, comedy and films less than 30 years old. They both have saving relationships with Jesus Christ and thus have a slant towards Christian subject matter hence movies like the Passion hitting the top ten. Adam and Jeremy are both married, which means their wives and girlfriends have been picking the movie for the better part of ten years; so there are a lot of girly movies as well. After that we really can't explain it. Also, we can't really explain what happened to #94?

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