Monday, February 4, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Giant Davids Slay Hooded Goliaths

So I know that Jeremy and I are not big on sports posts, but let me just say that seeing the underdog prevail agains the goliath was amazing... it helps that goliath is a cocky jerk who has a band wagon the size of California... but it also helps that the media didn't give the Giants a chance and now the media must eat their humble pie... obviously they wont... sports casters will be rehashing the game trying to show us how the Giants did it... shut up... the Giants had more heart and more drive and they just wanted it more... the better team won the game and now we can stop going on and on about the Patriots... seriously the media coverage was almost as bad as the coverage of the USC v Texas bowl game from two years ago... of course David won that game as well, and then as now I was happier for it.

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