Thursday, February 21, 2008

Adam and Jeremy: Rock Politics Like No One Else

Adam: Hey so what do we think about Barak Obama... I mean we have had several posts about him, but are you ready for him as your president?

Jeremy: At first I really didn’t have a problem with him, and was even proud of myself for being open minded and kinda liking a black/"muslim named" dude being president.
My feelings for him have strongly declined since the campaign began. I don’t see any substance to any of his rhetoric. I mean, it might work well at a motivational conference, but I’m afraid it will take more than that to be president of America, and of course I’ve heard some people give me some tidbits of his past voting record that did not sound good. Granted those came from people who don’t like him, and I have not done my own research on his record.
I can’t help but hear the negative things about him possibly being Muslim. I mean even you, I think, would rather have a Mormon than a Muslim?
Then of course, there is the whole abortion/same sex marriage which is very important to me.
Between him and McCain it's not even close who I would vote for. Now, since I am a registered democrat, I’ll have to make a decision between him and Hilary, and if I go to the primary polls and there is another option, I might just take it, or I might just leave it blank. I was hoping for more than just a socialistic/immoral approach to politics from the democrats, but apparently they are incapable.

Adam: Hmmm... I agree he seems to be all rhetoric all the time, and his voting record does not jive with my own personal principals... examples being abortion and pro socialist policy. I think the Muslim deal is stupid gossip started by rednecks that send forwards on without having a clue what they are talking about. Even at that a Muslim scares me less then Mormons because at least Islam is a world religion with over a thousand years of history. Mormons are fake Christians from America with less than 100 years of phonies and lies to trick people. I think McCain is a qualified leader and so I think he is a better choice than Obama, but when it comes to qualifications I think Hillary and Obama have about the same about of experience.

Jeremy: Who does McCain have a better chance of beating?

Adam: Hillary in my mind... I mean some people may not vote for Obama because he is black, but I think for the most part Obama is a more uniting force than McCain... though McCain will be able to unite as well

Jeremy: North Carolina primary is a ways off, but I don’t think it will really matter by the time it comes around.

Adam: May it not?

Jeremy: They make it sound like it’s basically over. Obama vs. McCain.

Adam: Negative. Hillary may have no momentum, but she does have a real chance. Because democrats split their votes proportionally she could have a chance all the way to democratic national convention when the super delegates make their choices.

Jeremy: I guess we will see. Most of the media seems to disagree with you.

Adam: Check and tell me what the difference in delegates between the two is today.

Jeremy: In that case the race might be really tight by the time it gets to NC, but it’s not like NC has a ton of sway either way.

Adam: Yeah but in the last two elections it came down Florida in one and Ohio in another to determine the winner...

Jeremy: I don’t think that. It’s just hard to vote for non worthy candidates.

Adam: Like Ron Paul?

Jeremy: Like everyone.

Adam: You get the feeling that no matter which candidates get the nod you really don't have a choice?

Jeremy: Hmm....that might be part of it, but I was just thinking that it seems all the people running for president right now won’t really do a great job. I mean, being the president is a super hard job, so it definitely will take someone special to handle the responsibility. I don’t really think any of these guys/gals are that special, but who the heck knows. I could be very wrong.

Adam: I was just thinking about that Rage Against the Machine video for Testify…

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