Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Are You Vexed or Preplexed?

Have you ever experinced this:

You are sitting at home listening to some sweet new As Cities Burn when suddenly you feel very fat. The solution? Go to the gym. So you get up and drive fiftene minutes down 360 to Swift Creek AmFam but as you pull into the parking lot there are cars pulling out of the parking rows nearest to the road so you can't pull in to them to find a place to park so you decide to roll all the way to the front in hopes of circumventing the maele by getting to the other end of the lot. As you turn on said front lane there are not one but two cars waiting for prime parking spots right in front of the building... not because the weather is bad or because its cold... just because they are lazy. So now you are stuck behind cars waiting for other cars who are waiting for parking spots... all the while you could have parked on the back row and made it in faster... and the whole time you sit there waiting the crushing irony of people trying to park closer to the doors of the gym so they dont have to walk as far is almost too much to bare.

Or this:

So maybe your job isn't great and you decide to get a new one, and once you do nab a new job you put in your two weeks at your old job. Whilest you burn off 80 hours of work by watching Matt Damon and Sarah Silverman sing about their sexual exploits on Youtube your co-workers continue to stop by to congratulate you... which is cool... but for some reason they also feel the need to tell you how awful the place you are leaving is with language that would make a Taiwanese sailor blush... which is not cool. Sure you are happy they are happy for you, and you are glad that the walls have finally come down and they feel they can open up to you (I think Oprah calls it being real), but the foul language is so rough that you almost wish that maybe the walls would go back up a little... just to the point where Nouns and Verbs are injected between the FCC banned materiel.

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  1. Wow - hadn't thought about that in awhile about AmFam but it's so true... used to go there almost twice a week about a year ago when the job I was with had a discount deal to go there. Pretty nice place... and quite quick to get into when you just parked in the spots right by the street (especially the ones to the right when you take the 2nd entrance ... you know the ones that are just about the furthest distance away).... :)