Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say:Viva la Coldplay

So the new Coldplay album is out in stores now, and as you may have guessed it has sold mucho copies in the first week. It's not setting sales records or anything, but people still like them.
One of those people...Adam and Jeremy. Sure they are totally in the mainstream Top 40 playlists right now and in trendy college girls' car stereo, but I don't really see how they have sold out, and although it's weird to like such a popular band as them, it's hard not to when they keep making good music.
I was borrowing the new album from a co-worker yesterday, and I must say, it's not incredibly inventive or anything(cue Family Force 5), but it's fresh and delightful. Go pick up an album, or at least stream it from the Adam and Jeremy mix tape.


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