Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: Stupid Media News

"The $3.85 billion Sirius Satellite Radio/XM Satellite Radio merger limped forward toward approval on Monday when FCC Chairman Kevin Martin laid out a series of conditions he would like to see met before greenlighting the deal. Conditions include an a la carte channel provision (sound familiar?,) a price freeze for existing subscribers for the next 36 months and allowing third-party manufacturers to build and sell tuners for the service. XM has about 9.3 million subscribers and 170 channels and Sirius serves 130 channels to 8.6 million customers."

I didn't even know there were talks of a merger, and although this has the makings of a satellite radio monopoly, I see good things "emerging" from this(man, that pun was so bad I feel like giving myself a Dr. Cox toungue lashing).
Anywho, I don't in fact have my own satellite radio, but I imagine it's a pretty cool thing and about to get cooler.
Just imagine...if you are craving 60s pop music like I was the other day, just push a button and you shall recieve.
Oh, and if you didn't hear....Blue Ray won.

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