Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: The Music and Community TOUR is finally here

Oh, you haven't hear about The Music and Community Tour?
Matrimony's Facade is and old school emo band you probably haven't heard of originally from El Paso, TX, and now relocated to Florence, SC. Their idea behind this new tour is to not just go to different cities and play shows and entertain. At each place the stop, the whole day prior to the show that night, they go out into the community and reach out to people in need whether it be bums on the street needing a sand which, or old ladies in the suburbs needing help with work around the house.
So this is a great thing!...and now it has come to Asheville.

They'll be playing at Graffiti Music Hall on Thurs night with a couple other heavy rock bands for $5. See you there!

Here are the other stops on the tour, so make sure you go and support.
June 29th - Columbia, SC
July 8th - Kansas City, MO
July 11th - Middlebury, IN
July 17th - Morristown, TN
July 18th - Louisville, KY
July 27th - Charlotte, NC

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