Friday, March 14, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: I won't even look over my shoulder till I find a cure for getting older (Part 2)

Jeremy said: funny how a song will bring back that memory for you as it also does for me(ace troubleshooter). What other things give you that nostalgic feeling of innocence?
some for me are watching the princess bride walking by the toys aisle in walmart and looking at the legos. or like going to the LU game last week.

Adam said: Movies and Legos take me back as well… in fact I must admit that I have discovered this online game that allows you to build actual Lego models on your computer… its called Lego designer and it is wicked cool… every time I load it up I get this feeling like I am eleven years old again and the only thing I have to worry about is not hitting my brother and finishing my home work… no bills no work just fun. But, I guess that’s the way it is always going to be. Like I think back to college and how worry free life was then... it seems to me that in the end innocence also has a lot to do with responsibility… when you are responsible for things like the well being of your wife it is hard to be unaware of the greater issues of the world around you.

Jeremy said: i think its still cool hang on to that one thing that makes you feel like a kid. like for you it might be playing video games, or for me it might be building model airplanes....which i dont do, but i would love to. or maybe playing with the dogs. or something like that. or playing paintball....i dont think those are very good examples, because although its considered "playing" they are more adult activities...hmm...

Adam said: I think it is funny how everyone wants to hold onto something, and it’s only society the lets act like the childish thing we like to do can be considered “adult”… paint ball is the same game we played as little kids on the block with water guns or finger guns or whatever and tag mixed together… seems pretty childish, but at some point a significant section of society has decided that its okay to play paintball as an adult… so if tomorrow society told me it was okay to play with GI Joes and Legos I would be all over it… and who’s to say I am not doing that in secret right now? Even things that seem totally grown up like sight seeing or hiking has its roots in childhood… I mean who didn’t love to go exploring the woods or an old run down house or whatever… I may be more odd than most but to me the only thing that has changed in that regards is now I can cover more ground and don’t mind getting lost.

Jeremy said: so when did using your imagination only be something kids can do? you look at film makers or authors who let their imaginations run wild and they would get classified as just a kid who never really grew up. like playing GI joes and legos and stuff is fun i think because you get to imagine these things doing or being something beyond what they actually are. or I would always pretend I was in a war fighting the Germans or whatever ducking behinds the couch and hiding under the coffee table. its hard to imagine those things now because reality has sunk in and if I were to crawl under my coffee table now, it might be fun to imagine im in a war bunker for a sec, but then I would just realize im sitting laying under a coffee table when I should be cooking dinner or something. have we simply lost time to spend using our imaginations?

Adam said: Hmmm… I think my imagination is still mostly intact so I don’t understand exactly where you a coming from… I regularly invent stories, or situations in my head while I shower… every once in a while I will even interview myself… It usually starts with a hook. “Adam Austin is the type of genius that comes around once in a millennium.” Well maybe its not always so self gratifying, but you get the idea… I work out stories or photographs in my head… some times I write them down sometimes I just let them float on by. Maybe everyone does that I just think I am special, but really I feel like imagination is relegated to “kids stuff” because so often we cannot find a professional outlet. Like its okay to doodle all day if you are an artist but if you are just some guy in a paper selling office doodling is a waste of time.

Jeremy said: Okay, well using your imagination to do stuff like build a fort is a little different that just keeping it in you head for the occasional script. the thing is, professional outlets that where its okay to imagine crazy stuff are usually those professions that are seen as childish in a way. an artist for example is typically viewed as and adult who never really grew up. is that a bad thing? i dont really know.

Adam said: Good point. Maybe there is a measure of jealousy in peoples’ aceration that creative jobs are childish… maybe we all want to be stacking blocks and smearing finger paints for a living.

Jeremy said: im sure of it

Adam said: Isn’t strange how peoples own selfish sinful natures can ruin so many things? We can’t be happy for people who have found a great professional outlet for their creativity. No, we have to belittle them because inside we wish we could be like them. I think that is more childish than any artist. “If I can’t play then you can’t play.”

Jeremy said: people are scared they wont have money to pay bills as an artist. after all, if everyone was an artist would it really be any good. i guess the key is to make what you do an art form in a way. like if you are allowed any creative ambition at your job, to make it an art form. this may sounds cheesy, but the way i can run a report, while making copies, typing emails, doing a presentation, watching commercials, filling out spreadsheets, answering phones, all at the same time may be a form of art. the better i am at creating/imagining a way to multitask, the better i am at my job. its a stretch, but it could be a way to look at office work. not sure my job is all that great of an example, because im really doing less of the lame work and more of the creating presentations/marketing campaigns these days.

Adam said: But does that represent the innocence and creativity we have been talking about or does that represent a different type of creativity that has less to do with innocence and more to do with keeping your work interesting.

Jeremy said: Exactly!! the only way we can keep from going insane is to mimic the type of innocence and creativity that we truly desire.

Adam said (one day later): I am now completely frightened. I watched Into the Wild last night… which is a movie about a rich kid who runs off into the wilderness of Alaska to find himself or something… but he dies. However, it did get me thinking about how lame things like work and houses and society can be sometimes… not all the time… just those certain days, and so I started constructing in my head how I would escape… it was nothing like Into the Wild. Anyways all this to say that my imagination took off with it, and part of the reason was that I was remind of the innocence of wanting to live in the woods alone… I mean there are tons of books written about this so I can’t be the only one who longs for that kind of innocence…

Jeremy said: How did you imagine your escape happening?

Adam said: Well I think if it was just me my escape would be to detach mentally… maybe become homeless in a place like L.A….. but really think you need a family unit and if that was the case then I would want to make for any mountainous terrain in a mild climate… so the Appy’s below the mason Dixon line would be a good choice.

Jeremy said: oh, so you didnt imagine and escape like you were in the matrix and you had morphius talking to you on a cell phone step by step on how to get out of the building?

Adam said: Negative… because I have lost my child like innocence and imagination.

Jeremy said: well isn’t that a bummer

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