Monday, March 3, 2008

Adam and Jeremy: 311 Rock Richmond Like Its 1997, but Emery and As Cities Burn Throw Down Like There Is No Tomorrow

Emery and As Cities Burn March 11 at the National $14 in adv. Hey so 311 is playing the historic(we are contractually obligated to preface it that way) National Theater on Broad Street Tomorrow (March 4,) but more importantly (that goes without saying when mentioning a band that has not had a hit since Jnco jeans were popular) Emery is hitting that same stage a mere four days later with new Adam and Jeremy Fav (since they gave up the screamo/hardcore thing) As Cities Burn... To say we are excited would be an understatement, oddly enough. It's an early show (so all the church kids can see without fear of nodding off in the pews on Sunday AM) and its wicked cheap (14 Bones in adv.) Come an act like your twenty all over again... (well as much as you can now that dancing for more than ten minutes makes you want to vomit and all of you hopes and dreams have been destroyed by the machine.)

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