Friday, March 14, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Say: I won't even look over my shoulder till I find a cure for getting older (Part 1)

Jeremy said: this idea popped into my head. I’ll give you my train of thought:
ace troubleshooter played on my ipod this morning. Remember that song by them called "amanda". There’s that line in the song where it says "she's to young to just come knockin on my door".
for some reason I thought of when juno(warning: spoilers) goes back to the adoptees house and the jerk husband is there.
and how juno's step mom says you cant just go knocking on people's door's
but juno doesnt see what the big deal is
kinda funny because she is kinda branded in the movie as a teenager whos lost her innocence and being thrown into adulthood, but the fact that she didnt really see anything wrong with going up to someone's house, knocking on their door and hanging out with a male adult alone for hours was no big deal really showed how young and innocent she still was.
so that was my idea....she still had some innocence left....which can lead to a deeper conversation.

Adam said: Does that mean the innocence is a direct result of inexperience? Or is innocence something deeper than that?

Jeremy said: innocence is definitely something deeper than that. i guess innocence is ignorance in the blissful way. do you think it could be a direct result of in experience? thats not where i was going, but thats interesting.

Adam said: Innocence is a strange thing… people say it gets lost… but I don’t know. Think about the abortion scene where she is going to the abortionist and she turns away when she realizes that the child insider her is a real human being. Some people may say that is innocence… like she wasn’t aware that babies are babies even when they are inside the mother. However, I saw it as maturity… here is a girl who has no life experience with babies but she is mature enough to realize the person inside her has the right to live despite the fact that it will inconvenience her she puts that selfish immature ideology to the side… so maybe innocence like maturity is both related to experience and choice… but even deeper, I do think that we are all created with innocence that really begins to erode as we choose our sinful nature over the path God has for us.

Jeremy said: do you think someone can choose to stay innocent if they want? other than living a box your whole life, is that possible?

Adam said: No I think the world is inherently corrupt and eventually even if a person is choosing to be innocent they will be overcome by sin, but I do think the fact that we are born with a certain type of innocence and that innocence can be extended through our personal choices points to the fact that one day when the world is made new we will all have a type of innocence placed on us… not an ignorance born out of inexperience or maturity but one born from ultimate knowledge and ultimate love… knowing now what you do… wouldn’t you want to turn back the clock, so to speak, and regain some level of innocence? When I was listening to Relient K last night there is this innocent joy in that music that I connected to back then and still have a longing for now when I hear it… we call that nostalgia.

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