Friday, December 28, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say:Our Favorite Things

Yeah, We know stealing this bit from our mortal enemy Oprah may seem like a bad choice... but could you really stand another list that arbitrarily ranks movies or music from the year??? We thought not... so here are our favorite things for 2007.
Superbad Money Maker - Rilo Kiley
The Hives - Black and White album
Lost Nine Foot Long Spitting Cobras Sharks in the River
Zooey Deschanel
Sons and Daughters - The Decemberist
Arcade Fire Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Is Is
Austin City Limits Festival
Icky Thump
Medieval Total War
Nikon D300
Ron Paul
The Office
Maggie Gyllenhaal
St. Vincent
Dwight Howard
National Pancake Day
My Brightest Diamond
Rob Bell
LU Football
Decemberist Concerts
Forest Hill Park
Meg White
Cheese Danish
Camp Truet Barnardsville, NC
Bob(the card game)
Melting Pot
Jerry, Macel, Jake, and Miles
Poison Ivy(least favorite actually)
Dallas Cowboys
This American Life
San Antonio Spurs
The Ringing Bell-Derek Webb
Ninja Warrior
Global Warming
Big Stuff
Mark Pruette
the Gospel Music Channel
David Beckham
Secret Weapon-MxPx
Green Curry
Top 100 Movie Lists
Jerry Falwell
Gasoline Heart
Planet Earth on Discovery Channel
Nickel Creek
A New Clutch
Chase This Light-Jimmy Eat World
College for a Weekend
Better World Books
Led Zeppelin in concert
frank caliendo
the Glorious Unseen
Steven Colbert
The US Military
graffiti music hall
jars of clay and third day offerings tour
the orange peel

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