Monday, December 10, 2007

Adam and Jeremy Say:O the Orony

As you are all probably aware by now, Oprah has made claim that she is supporting Obama in the 2008 election. I won't go deep into my feelings for Oprah right now, but to sumarize you could say that I'm not a big fan. So, with that being said, you could say that my feeling towards Obama has also declined over the past couple days.

I do find it interesting that Oprah, with all her sheman power trips, is decidnig to support the black canidate over the female candidate. That must have been a hard decision for her. I did get a small chuckle when Good Morning America refered to her as the "most influential female in America".
On a far side note and off the subject, see the letter to Oprah below written by Orson Scott Card:
Dear Oprah:
You are a superb talkshow host. Millions of people watch you to get your level-headed take on all the problems of life. We admire you, we enjoy you, and we're even happy that you are the richest woman in the world. It couldn't happen to a nicer person.

I'm so terribly sorry that when you arrived fifteen minutes after closing time at the Paris Hermes store, they did not let you dash in and buy a watch for a friend.
I'm not even jealous of your friend -- I don't want the kind of watch Hermes sells, because then I'd always be worried about losing it or somebody stealing it. But I'm glad you're generous with your friends.

And it's so inconvenient when people close up their stores just when you finally have a moment to shop.

It happens to me all the time.

If they were rude to you at the door -- well, I remember when I was in Provence a few years ago. I commented to one of my French acquaintances -- in English, of course, since my French would make even schoolboys ashamed -- "I always heard how cold and rude French store clerks are, and yet everyone here has been kind and helpful and friendly."
"Ah," said the man, "you were thinking of Paris. They treat us that way, too."

Dear, dear Oprah, there are so many possible reasons why you were turned away from the door at Hermes.
1. The store clerk was Parisian. They train their clerks to be aloof and rude. The clerk would have been fired for treating you any other way. Where did you think you were, Des Moines?
2. You're American. Do you have any idea how happy it makes people these days to say no to an American?
3. You're very, very rich. Do you have any idea how happy it makes people to have a chance to force a rich person to realize they're no better than anyone else?
4. You're used to people saying yes to you just because you are who you are. But in Paris, they don't watch your show. So in Paris, you're not "Oprah," you're just another customer, and since all their customers are rich, they don't automatically understand that even when there are no exceptions, there must be an exception for you.
5. The store was closed! People who own stores have a right to close them, as long as they announce it in advance. You arrived after the announced closing time. Have you so lost touch with what it means to be a human being that you really expect everyone to let you break all the rules?
6. You are also black. And it's conceivable that maybe that particular Parisian store clerk didn't want you in the store fifteen minutes after closing because of some deep bigotry against Africans.
But the fact that you are black is way, way down the list of plausible reasons for your exclusion from the store.
In fact, for you to bring your race up and try to use that as a cudgel to punish Hermes for not giving you treatment that no white person would have gotten cheapens the genuine suffering of ordinary black people in this difficult world.
Oprah, you are the richest woman in the world precisely because white people do not discriminate against you. They watch your show. They take your advice. They buy the books you recommend. They even watch Dr. Phil because you told them he was smart.
There are black people who face discrimination all the time, but Oprah, you are not one of them.
And you should be ashamed of pretending to suffer what they suffer, when in fact all you got was exactly the treatment that most of us get all the time, regardless of our race.
You should have stopped in front of that closed door, laughed a little, and said to yourself, "Oprah, old girl, this store clerk has helped you, and just in time, too! You were actually starting to believe you deserved special treatment. Welcome back to planet Earth, Oprah! You've been gone too long."

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