Friday, December 8, 2006

Why do I even bother?

Recently my sister Lou told me about a great DVD that she had seen. The title of this movie; "Little Miss Sunshine." Normally when I hear about indie movies that NPR and the rest of the critical liberal arts crowd love, I wait a while before jumping on them... hence I didn't see Crash until last summer and even worse I did not see Paradise Now until last summer. The reason I tell you this because maybe I should make a change.
Last week my wife and I wanted to rent a movie one night so we went out and rented, not Little Miss Sunshine, but Super Man Returns. Alas I was disappointed, some of this could be because Batman Begins has set a new water mark for comic book movies and some of it could be because it was boring... Smallville is way more interesting... and dare I say contains superior acting!
So that was a bummer, but apparently I did not learn my lesson. I have hear tons of buzz about The Departed... it sounds like a movie I would love... I like gritty underworld type stories... however when my wife and I again set out to see a movie this week we chose to see another buzz flick... Borat. I have been kicking around a way to verbally thrash this movie all week long, because I thought it was awful. Now I know some of you will say... "Adam you don't like it because you are not smart enough to get the satire and social commentary" Trust me I got it... and I can tell you there is more satire and social commentary in Jackass another movie whose sole premise seems to be pulling stunts on completely innocent people. Anyways I have been trying and trying to think of the right thing to say, and I have decided that my disgust at this movie is summed up in my simple rejection of it. I don't think its funny, witty, satirical, or insightful.
I am going to go and watch Shaun of the Dead tonight, because that movie actually is funny and more insightful than you may think.


  1. yeah, when all the buzz came out about him, i started to TVO "da ali g show" on HBO to see who this guy was. needless to say with a few standard comedian stunts that were partially funny, i was not all that amused. its like this random British guy is 5 years late with that kind of humor. and i think we are almost to the point in our culture, where "over the edge" doesn't necessarily mean entertaining anymore. jackass kinda bled that stream dry, and did a pretty darn good job doing it i might add. on a side note, if you want to see a movie revealing the dark prejudice in america go watch american history x, or we could do our own documentary that isnt lame like that FX short series "black and white". i dont know if it would be possible to actually make a humor parody about that issue. alas, thats what you were expecting with this movie, and we know how that turned out.

  2. Little Miss Sunshine made it into my top 5 before the movie was even over. Loved it. However, I also loved Borat.

    Go see Stranger than Fiction, but don't expect typical Will Ferrell. That movie has found a spot in my top 5 as well.