Friday, December 15, 2006


With Christmas fast approaching and the deadline to get gifts in the mail Monday I thought it may be a cool idea to throw an idea at you that recently heard about on NPR. Visit the website; A short survey of the story, a few years back some college kids get together and want to start an internet company... the idea the come up with... a website that sells T-shirts. You may think this is not so unusual, however, the site also has a myspace element in that all the designs for the shirts are submitted by memebers and then placed online for review. So basically the memebers decide what T-Shirts are printed, and then obviously they buy them. This seemed like a novel idea to me so I went online to check it out, and I loved it so much I bought a T-Shirt on my first visit... the T-Shirt is titled "the Communist Party" if you don't get it then you probably don't need to visit the website, but if you do this site is just right for you.

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