Thursday, November 30, 2006

Orson Scott Card on the Election

I think he can be a little whiney sometimes, but in this essay, I’m impressed with how he accepts the election results and now wants to move forward. Like him, although I’m not stoked about the results from the recent election, I am positive about the idea that we can work together as a country to help solve the issues facing us right now.

and under my breath, I am a little relived that when things go south even though it may be out of our control, the liberals can take the blame now. and when they fail, i will be resisting the slight urge to point the finger and say "i told you so, suckas! you cant run the country any better than our dumb redneck president"

Here’s a little snippet of the essay:

"Get up on your feet, Democrats! Prove that you deserve the trust of the American people. Prove that you are capable of thinking beyond immediate politics.

Prove that you actually care that people are getting killed because you were elected, and tell them that they must go back to trusting in democracy -- and in American support for democracy. "

for the entire article and a good read click here:

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