Thursday, December 11, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Says: It's time for another Derek Webb Plug

Derek Webb announced he is back in the studio working on his next album rumored to be titled "Stockholm Syndrome".

Well, yeah, heck yeah we are excited. Did you not hear the total awesomeness that was his last album "The Ringing Bell"?

Anyway, this is what people are saying about the new album:
"He's collaborating with long time friend and former Caedmon's Call bandmate Josh Moore on what is rumored to be a more experimental, electronic album. Teasing with programmed and decidedly more 'inorganic' elements, Stockholm Syndrome is shaping up to be Derek's most ambitious album to date. Be on the lookout for a tentative May 2009 release."

Oh, the excitement! and dont forget you can download all his music, and many other artists like him for free at

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