Thursday, November 27, 2008

Adam and Jeremy Thankful for Mom, Dad, Jesus, and Axl Rose

On this beautiful Thanksgiving morning there are several things Adam and Jeremy are thankful for, like our wives, friends, family and Salvation. However, our list does not end there; it just so happens that this week, of all weeks, we have been reminded that we are thankful for Rock N Roll!

"Rock N Roll is dead," you may say. We contend this is not quite true; Rock may certainly be dying but on this week Rock N Roll has made one last fantastic gasp and for that we are truly thankful.

Not only did we get a fresh new EP from Underoath drummer Aaron Gillespie's fantastic side project the Almost, but we also got the most anticipated album of all time, Chinese Democracy, and may we say that Axl and his assembled Roses still Rock. Sure this may be the last gasp of Rock N Roll, but it sure is a great way to go, aint it?

We can see that some of you may still not be convinced, let us add that this week features solo releases from Weezer front man Rivers Cumos and Scott Wieland of Stone Temple Piolts fame... yeah that really isn't to convincing we know, but add that to yet another release for the Killers, a follow up EP from arena rockers Coldplay and new stuff from the voice of a generation, Kanye West... and suddenly our claims of Rocks last hoorah are not all that far-fetched... are they?

We know the onslaught of Myspace and American Idol poppers is unstoppable... the Internet and iPod have created a world of over produced one hit wonders (trust us that new T-Pain song is the same as the old T-Pain song) but for one last week we want to revel in the Rock N Roll... So thank you Rock N Roll... thank you for holding on just a little longer.

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  1. I'm thankful for the Adam & Jeremy blog. Oh, and beer! Definitely, BEER.